BaMS Association

Foundation of BaMS

The Bioeconomy on Marine Locations e.V. (BaMS) was founded as an association on September 30, 2019 in Kiel and entered in the register of associations of the Kiel District Court under the registration number VR 7064 KI. Through their membership, the members have declared that they will make a contribution to the change to a bio-based economy in Germany through scientific research and development in the field of sustainable blue bioeconomy. The members look for economically, ecologically and socially viable solutions for the challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of such a bio-based economy.

Our Members

The members of the BaMS e.V. use the association to exchange ideas with like-minded people and to carry out projects. The origins of his way of working are based on the long-term cooperation between the actors and the support of this cooperation by the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. By becoming a member, the actors have committed themselves to a joint innovation alliance that defines the goals and values ​​of their cooperation. This includes the trusting and respectful interaction of all those involved, the appreciative recognition of the different personal and institutional goals as well as the safeguarding of the economic interests of the companies involved. Furthermore, through their membership, the members receive support with the application and implementation of their projects. In addition, each member acquires voting rights in the general assembly, which controls the strategic further development of the innovation area and the future thematic orientation of the project acquisition.

Our Project Partners

All project partners of the BMBF-funded innovation space projects are members of BaMS e.V.

The association is also open to membership for persons and institutions that plan and carry out other projects and activities that are not related to the BMBF's announcement of the Innovation Spaces Bioeconomy. The funding from the BMBF is an important catalyst for the development of a long-term and independent cluster structure. BaMS is already the most important association of actors in the blue bioeconomy in German-speaking countries. Through cooperation with partners in Germany and abroad and the use of digital tools, the association offers its members a broad information and communication base that is also available to members outside of the Provides professional support for project work.